Saturday, October 30, 2010

from head to toe

i honestly feel like most days i am covered in my kids. this morning as i lay in bed between the joyful giggles of my rising stars and the unpleasant smell of urine (morning diapers shouting "change me!") i thought about the days before babies.... alarm clocks that didn't say your name, but beeped & had snooze buttons. you really don't know what to expect when you become a parent. the joy is overwhelming, the pride is motivating, the exhaustion hits you like a ton of bricks, the innocence of an infant is so simply, but complicates life and quite honestly the love is absolutely consuming mind, body & soul. it is the most important job in the whole world, life depends on you... it is a calling to BE a roll model, know everything, love unconditionally, live unselfishly, partner united, and impart daily the building blocks of what it takes to grow up, as i remind myself "i am a grown up."so...i am trying to stop more often to take mental snap shots of my life because this is it & i don't want to miss it.

Friday, October 29, 2010

back to blogging

so i have been MIA and so i am going to come back with a bang and overwhelm anyone that reads this with a quick & photogenic update...  our morning pajama party, biker babe, nude & free, beauty queen, da' boys and Rowen's first tooth on his half birthday! We are madly & deeply in love with our little ones!

a few memorable moments with our talking two year old...

"i love marriage!" which she announced as i explained my wedding ring that her daddy gave me.

"mama my boobs no see them?" as we showered up together.

"so rowen & i...we go to the store & we walk cause... no car so we walk" she was telling ME a bedtime story