Thursday, March 24, 2011

one month shy of a year

at 11 months old our little man is definitely not shy & beyond adorable in his very entertaining isms. here is a little video tribute of a cute shutter of pictures i caught & combined. can't believe that on Easter this year he will be ONE!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fashion Friday::tutu

In the life of Lillian the tutu is not just for dance class, but a staple in her daily twirls & tumbles of life. And what is more adorably girly then a two year old in a tutu

Recommendation: If you are looking to add the tutu into your little girls wardrobe, make them accessible(we have a bin full), turn on some dance music & show her how to twirl. Plus at GAP  and Old Navy right now they have quite a few outfits that include the tutu touch & this weekend get 30% off!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

cookie crumble is always covering me with his crumbs and cuddles. daily i am amazed at how many snot swipes, dirty hand wipes, food crumbs,  and not to mention the occasional butt covered in something i sat in (he was saving it for later) adorn my attire at the end of every day. so crumbs are just a little loving that i have added to my wardrobe, compliments of the littlest.

Quotable Lil

Lil with her "daddy treat"

Mommy, you are a nice girl. I'm married to you. But where is my ring? Maybe you get me one for my birthday. A flower one? Yes for my birthday.
Dr. Seuss, By Earth's Best Organics
I love you just because. I love you best. 
Mommy I want to give Jesus a hug.
Rowen's Awake! I'm going to go get him. I'm coming Rowen, one second. I'm going to jump in his bed. I ask first. He said yes.
Daddy you look handsome.
Why? But Why? Because Why?  

Monday, March 14, 2011

working out

after having two babies and watching my body ebb & flow between plus or minus 40 some pounds I have a new appreciation for my physeek. the fact alone that my body can carry another human being- in womb & now in my arms, well it's rather awing. all that to say when i am pregnant i dream about being a runner & i notice runners every where. I figure it is kind of like if you have straight hair- you want curly & curly hair- wants straight.... except i doubt runners are looking at me when i'm pregnant thinking wish i was waddling instead of running (not likely). so i have high hopes of getting my running on, along with attending pure barre classes (i'm super into this work out for woman & they are opening up every where(should probably buy stock in it), plus once it stops raining... me & my bike trailer are going to be best friends! the best work out EVER though is laughter... so here is to working-out & laughing

video: Justin with Ollie, Lillian & Rowen

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Arts & Crafts :: flowers

lillian accompanied me to an evening with my girl friends & she was beside herself excited to be one of the ladies, plus stay up way past her bedtime. i love my little girl, "best friends!". at this girls night we made no-sew flowers which will be part of the decor at my friends wedding this summer. they are super easy & who doesn't love a bouquet that never dies! so i mixed it up a bit and made my own mini versions, which turned into hair accessories.

I used ribbon instead of felt to wrap the ends & secure the rubber band or clip. ALSO i attached the clip to a headband to get my Lil to wear one in her hair (no picture- she won't stand still). Enjoy!

Friday, March 11, 2011

fashion friday:: turban

thanks to my fabulous friend at The Concrete Catwalk Lillian and I sported the oh so hip turban today! let's be honest it is so adorable on Lil & Minnie looks pretty trendy too! A super fun & easy DIY!