Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Rowen

Dear Rowen,
You are my sunshine. I love you and the way that every thing you do is whole hearted. I love how much you smile. I love your determination and seeing your father in you. I love when you shake your head, so much it makes you giggle. I love having to chase you as you jet up the stairs, into the bathroom and off on your own. I delight in your love for you sister & hers for you. I love when you wake up that you are jumping in your crib. I love your grin and dimple. I love when you reach up at me like I am your heaven. I love how you cuddle and suck your thumb. I love watching you play ball. I love your open mouth kisses. You are adorable, a joy, hilarious, fun, Mr. Smile, Row-Row on the Go-Go, my little man and my favorite boy in the whole world. I love you forever.
Love Mama

Thursday, April 21, 2011

capturing the play by play of my life these days is compliments of my iphone. always having my camera is pretty nice considering this time of life really does go so fast. so grateful for the snapshots that freeze the moments as they fly by.

Monday, April 18, 2011

coloring eggs

as our eggs sat in the window soaking up the dye, my Lil beamed with excitement as the sun set on her pretty little curls. she is absolutely delightful! 

each time we pulled an egg out of its cup she gasped with delight exclaiming, "BLUE!" or "PINK!" amazed a dozen times that our white eggs were now a color. her joy was contagious and i began to be more in awe myself in the mystery of each eggs saturation of color.

she hugged me so tight as i carried her to bed and whispered (in her not so quiet- quietest voice because Rowen is sleeping), "i love you mommy. i love you mommy so much. you are my best friend ever. best friends ever." and that is one of those moments that i could live in, freeze, stop, just stay like this forever.

good times gardening

kids in the dirt and daddy tilling the soil equals a good time had by all, 
plus at the end of the day i planted
green leaf lettuce
sugar snap peas
bush beans
we are hoping for a plentiful harvest and happy kids who see where their food come from... stay tuned for the 'fruits of our labor'

Friday, April 8, 2011

Fashion Friday::Violet

Love me some violet! And especially on two of my heart throbs. A cute little ruffled cardigan on my  little beauty & a bit of Purple to put the P in power suit.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

dinner is ready

Spring Setting- thank you Country Living
growing up my dad would always say, "dinner's ready is music to a man's ears." my mom wasn't the fondest of this notion considering she was often scrambling to get dinner on the table after her long day at work & four kids running around her. so now i understand...

the task of dinner is daunting & i often debate calling all to fast around six o'clock, if dinner is not being served. the thing is i love to cook, but often with children the pleasure gets squelched. it is a work in progress because i love eating yummy food as a family. my tuesday this week was spent meal planning & hearing from a fellow mom at MOPS on the topic, so i left with my hopes high, new recipes filling my inbox & my month meal planned. here are a few of our family favorites in case you are in need of some new recipes or a week of meals...
  1. Coconut Curry Jasmine Rice - I usually add Rotisserie Chicken & top with steamed broccoli
  2. Lentil Soup- serve with fresh bread or grilled cheese
  3. Beef Stew - I add potato's & peas and subtract celery & cornstarch
  4. Quinoa Chicken- great as cold salad too
  5. Pulled Pork or Chicken- I prefer McCormicks mix found in most grocery stores, served over rice with cabbage salad or buns are always a winner.
  6. Homemade Pizza- Trader Joe's pizza dough is super quick & easy (Husband Cook Night) 
  7. Chicken Marbella- my fabulous friend Jenny brought us this meal after I had Rowen & we LOVE it! serve over isreali cous-cous, yum!
Chicken Marbella
Have a yummy week and please share your favorite meals with me!