Saturday, November 21, 2009


so shallow... especially following my last post, but I must be honest... okay are you ready for the truth? ready for the ridiculous thought that plagues me? ready for the inward beauty that i fear doesn't glow on this moment...

i starting thinking today about my least favorite part about being fat. i mean pregnant. i know so silly & it isn't the belly... it's the face.

my whole life i have had these cheeks! and as a little person like Lillian, well they are ADORABLE! and then as a junior higher they are well puberty. and then high school i believed that they made me look fat (they kind of did). college they started to fade... some how from when i met justin until we got married they slimmed- call it love =). and now well i don't mind my cheeks because they are rather proportionate to my face (or so i have come to believe), but when i get pregnant and my proportions change... well my cheeks feel the need to remain in proportion. to keep up with the belly. creating what i am not to fond of, but oh well. i probably need more cheek to help my smile muscles when this beautiful baby arrives. sweet joy in my big cheeks =).

there it is the honesty of my day. now that i have that off my chest hopefully i will move on to bigger, brighter and more brilliant things- i love baby cheeks (in both senses of the word- small & of my child)!

life is simple

i think that i am learning that life is simply sweet. the less that i depend on to make me happy well the happier i am- i know that no thing is really ever going to make me happy. but when i let moments like this sweep me off my feet, i think that i may actually be grasping a bit of LIFE: REAL TANGIBLE HAPPY.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

we start to look alike.

I was looking at this picture from my brother Josh & his wife Jessica's wedding. A few things dawned on me... first my family is beautiful & all together fabulous... two look at all the little ones... three the beautiful bride & groom... but the biggest ponder... look how much we each look like our spouse, except the bride & groom- they just aren't there yet (give them a year or two). Seriously I do believe that for many reasons (you live, breath and are with this person a lot) that you really do start to become more like your spouse (mannerisms, LOOKS, attitude)- maybe not everyone is this way, but in our case it is pretty clear to me. take a look.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

i have pockets!

look at that smile... so excited that she has pockets! she is seriously a hit everywhere we go!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Lillian says:
  • Mama
  • Dada
  • yeah, yes & yep
  • bubble
  • bug-bug, which means ladybug
  • hi
  • up
  • no, which she says in this sweet innocent voice =)
  • Ollie-Ollie-Ollie, which is our neighbor & her BF
  • Grampa, which sounds like GAM-PA
  • Nana, which is banana & my Mom
  • Namy, which is Grammy
  • egg- her favorite food
  • nigh-nigh, she usually leaves the "t" off the end
  • baby
  • ear
  • belly button
  • bye bye
  • mwahh... she blows the best kisses
  • pppp= please
so she has a few word under her belt and she understands EVERYTHING! it is unbelievable... :"Lil can you shut the door".. DONE! .. "Lil go get your shoes".. DONE! .. "Lil can you sing me a song".. "la la la".. "Lil where is Daddy's phone"- "Dada's"... and she finds it. She knows every room in the house by name, "Go get your water cup on the kitchen".. DONE! It may not sound like much, but it makes her less like a baby and more like this cute little person, who is starting to understand & know & i love it.

A funny story... the other morning Justin was heading off to work & gave me a smooch & tapped my butt... not 2 seconds later my little one comes over and gives me a little love tap on my bum. LOL!

Monday, November 2, 2009


All dressed up & off we go to collect candy from strangers and enjoy the beautiful fall day. It was actually quite the trip- Lillian quickly got the hang of finding the candy giver and going up to take her treat. She has no fear of being stomped on or knocked over by the other bigger kids or just bigger costumes- she wiggles her way in & out with a smile. We went two places to show off our little lady bug: Phinney Ridge, which was fun to see all the local businesses participating- love our community. AND U-Village, which was packed with cute little costumes and tons of dressed up workers out to spread the sugar rush- from Banana Republic to Tiffany & Co. to Blue C Sushi- even the salon was out giving balloons. SO FUN!

I am actually not a fan of Halloween, but I do love dressing up & now with a little one it was my best, most wholesome, not scary one yet.... to many more filled with just fun & non of the other nonsense.