Thursday, October 29, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

dance party

It amazes me how much joy I have in my life. Truly I have no excuse, but to be grateful. This moment among many makes me laugh out loud and fills my heart with this overwhelming emotion of gratitude for my two favorite people. They dance and love me so freely. I hope you laugh out loud and love the life you live because life is SO good!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


growing up my brother Jared would call me Katrina Ballerina and now I have a little version of myself I guess... why is it that little girls just look soo cute in tu-tu's?

She loves Fifi the Fawn- who in this case is her black stallion or white knight. She is such a princess.

And this last little episode is to show that even little ballerina's get stuck... in our kitchen Lillian has her own drawn (as you can see below). she loves to help and will find her own way to do so, which often isn't exactly helpful, but close. so I created a drawer for my little busy body to keep busy & feel helpful. on this special occasion she managed to get herself into her drawer, which unfortunately left her a bit stuck on how exactly to get out...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a morning in bed

it is amazing how quickly i had forgotten about the idea of laying in bed or even the concept of sleeping in. i don't even know if i realized what a novelty it truly was. i vividly remember a few moments of laying around all day... so la-la, so lazy, so restfully happy- ahh... so i revisited that land of sleeping in this weekend as Lillian was away at her granparents. my husband and I naturally awoke to silence... we laid there grinning for a while at each other and then proceeded to lay there because we now know what a novelty it is...

of course i do love waking up to my adorable daughter every morning and i wouldn't trade a thousand mornings of sleeping in for her... what would i do if she wasn't there to point out my body parts, honk my nose, search for my belly button and even get her dad out of is life as we know it now & a novelty none the less.

Lillian's first hair clip.

just the 2 of us.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

oh my goodness

just when i honestly think that my daughter couldn't be any cuter she looks like this and OH MY GOODNESS...right? I mean she is adorable. Sometimes it amazes me that such a little person can be soo entertaining, beautiful, charming, and heart stoppingly cute! It just gives me, what my mom would call "a burst of love" and indeed I burst with love for you Lillian!

San Diego to Seattle

So Justin & I moved from Seattle to San Diego within a month of graduating from college and getting married. No jobs, no plan... just off on an adventure and an adventure it was. We took long walks on the beach... well actually more often Justin surfed & laid out- bliss. We lived it up until we hit the baby boom... yep sweet Lillian surprised us! So, we knew we wanted to move home- back to Seattle. But we left with good friends and sunny memories AND speaking of good friends they came to visit this last week....

Saturday, October 3, 2009

mobile uploads

so my husband has an i-phone and we tend to take a lot of pictures on the go. with a little one you really never know when her most adorable moments may happen. here are a few of the moments that i just retrieved off his phone...

eating is always an adventure- i love this face.

some times it is best to eat naked... then we do less laundry & she loves that she doesn't have to wear a bib. it is kind of like saying- "Yes! Be messy! Have fun!"

my little princess- in her carriage (stroller).

Justin took this picture of the j.crew manicans because as we walked by i said, "look that could be us!" he smiled & documented the moment.

we went on tons of bike rides this summer. she loves it- can't you tell?

there are more mobile uploads to come... they just may tend to come all at once. now that it is fall there are so many adventures ahead- Lillian's favorites thus far are picking up leaves & smelling the flowers.