Monday, April 30, 2012

happy new year!

only 4 months late and a season shy of summer, i am finally welcoming in the new year. the last few months have been filled with beauty and bliss, but not without a bit of snow and rain. with my heart on my sleeve and my littles by my side, i have taken each day in stride. these photo's below sum up my moments of peace and awestruck glory of God.

 trail 100 :: arizona
 la jolla shores :: "sand-iego"-Lillian
 scripps beach :: la jolla
sunset park :: seattle
 first kiss :: camano island
seaview public access :: puget sound
seward park :: "this is spectacular"- Lillian
seattle's TWO year old :: birthday boy

"Our children in our hand are not there to mold, but to unfold into God's plan."- Greg Laurie