Wednesday, September 30, 2009

love is in the air

there are times in my life when i really feel love more than others. either i really am being more loved or i am just in a place where i am accepting it more, which ever it may be now is a time of love.

my husband this week has been telling me he loves me and in a way that i really believe him. we say we love eachother at least a dozen times a day... "good morning love"... "have a good day. i love you"... just calling to check in- "love you"... text a few fyi's plus "love ya babe"... and then at night "thanks for ... i love you" and then "goodnight. i love you"... plus we tell each other why we love each other every night before we go to bed. so after listing all that- wow- we use love a lot, which emphasizes why it amazes me how some times the same word can just resonate so much louder in my heart. i really do believe we love each other every time we say it, but this week it's kind of like saying... i love you A LOT!

now my daughter says i love you A LOT in a very different way. this week it has been... whining, following me every where, insisting on being held or just holding onto my legs while i wobble around the kitchen, but the truth is she just really loves me. more than she understands and so much that she can't let me go... literally. but my precious moment with her was yesterday when she woke up from her nap and i got her up and we laid on the couch. she cuddled there for a minute then lifts her head- gives me a huge wide mouth kiss and lays back down. a few minutes pass (so sweet)... she crawls off the couch and goes to get my purse- pulls it over to me, we pull out some snacks and she continues to eat and rest on my chest. i wish i could of had a video or picture of this 15 minute interaction because it really meant i love you A LOT!

Monday, September 28, 2009


falling in love with this season again and all that it brings. the crisp air that makes our noses tingle & rosey. layers- i love layers of clothing actually. football- yes i am a fan & i just love that I can cuddle up, get my husband totally pumped and get stoked about watching guys that beat there bodies for our entertainment. i will make a personal note here to my brother Josh, who recently told me that I owe my football enjoyment to him & yes I probably do- if i wouldn't of attended EVERY sporting event in his entire life (only a slight exaggeration actually) my life of sports appreciation would be very different- thanks Josh!

Back to fall... my top love of fall after the fact that here in Seattle leaves actually FALL, which makes sense of the world for me.growing up in AZ I was kind of wondering who made up this silly word fall.

Fall=Food!!! I had a fall frenzie of yummy food in my kitchen this weekend and i am making a list of those to come. Warm pumpkin spice muffins- Lillian says "yum, yum" . this roasted squash, carrot, yam, onion dish with a soy glaze... my husband even loves it. I also make this quinoa dish that is a family favorite and was a hit at our neighborhood potlock. okay so this isn't going to be a food blog, but i will say one cookbook that i recommend is Mama-licious and she now has a blog (of course):

i am off to the park with Lillian- we are venturing out into the sweet fall air. here is yesterday =)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

two to note.

ONE: maybe I was a bit over zealous in my last post when using the word "BACK"... well, I am not necessarily "BACK" because I am still pregnant, tiered and often cranky or just a bit more emotional than the given situation would deem appropriate ( I teared up during the pursuit of happiness preview...). so maybe I'm not "BACK" and quite honestly I may never be. so what i meant was,"I'm feeling better!" or "I can enter the kitchen without wanting to vomit" or "things are looking up" or "it was a good day!" needless to say I think my family is going to make it- oh and me too!

TWO: Lillian Video

Monday, September 21, 2009

so the truth is...

I AM PREGNANT... yet again. It's true & hard to believe right...

so for the first 10 weeks of my pregnancy (this time & last time) I am pretty much out of commission. serioulsy. i just can't pull myself together for anything- it tends to all far apart...
  • exhibit a: my husband thinks we need a house cleaner & is dead serious that i really better find one ASAP! LOL!
  • exhibit b: my daughter became super grumpy... well I would to if I was living off raisins, string cheese & crackers- plus my mommy was laying on the couch hoping i could just play by myself for a few more hours. sorry baby.
  • exhibit c: my fridge is EMPTY and I am not exaggerating. my husband never goes grocery shopping alone, but drastic times call for drastic measures & so he goes to get Top Ramen, Mac & Cheese, & pickles ( the essentials in his survival book).
  • exhibit c (continued): the previous (empty fridge) leads into an empty kitchen... meaning we eat out A LOT. i just can't cook- the thought is yucky and the actual action would just due me in (as if I am not already in- ha)
  • exhibit d: exhaustion sets in. i am doing nothing and getting absolutely worn out by it. i just have to sit down for a second...and after a few seconds... well i am still tiered actually. i can't wait for that burst of nesting that is just around the corner.
so needless to say our life has been interesting, but i am BACK and just filled the fridge with groceries. we are eating at home tonight because i LOVE cooking again. I tend to make up for my weeks of lacking with a burst of kitchen loving... the aroma of squash and fresh bread now waft there sent through my clean home. We love you baby on the way...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

my trike

Lillian & I just spent this last week at Grammie & Grampa's (Justin's parents) while Justin was away for work. It was a blast! A few of Lillian's favorite things were:
  • Oscar- their weiner dog that she calls "OSK!"
  • Horses- the real one on their lower property & the make believe one that Lillian loved to ride, give kisses, and hear it neigh
  • Dancing- with or without music... she twirls, claps, and "dancing feet"- which is when she stomps her feet really quick & walks backwards or sideways (so cute)
  • Mornings with Grammie (while I slept in- God bless my mother-in-law)
  • Being the center of attention- the world might just revolve around her when we are there =)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life needs a soundtrack

At least I enjoy my life better with music- it increases the emotion, amplifies the moment and brings more out of the seemingly mundane. My husband is a sales rep by day and musician by night and so my soundtrack begins...

the point of this video is actually the music (my husband's most recent composition), but enjoy Lillian none the less.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Lillian got her first big OUCH, definitely not her first fall, but this one left a mark.

Now that Lillian walks- she also runs & with personality. So when she headed down our drive way just a little to fast it was bound to happen. After less than a minute (Justin tells me) she was fine and ready to run off to seek adventure again. My little free spirit, so full of determination and joy. We all fall & she gets up!