Thursday, March 25, 2010

miss independent

yesterday was a little hot... justin & I headed out to one of my last midwife appointments and we came home to find our little one running free in her rain boots & butterfly t. there is so much freedom in being a child and the independence of being adorable is all part of the territory. Lillian is living it up =)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

turn baby, turn

so we had an interesting last few days... on thursday at my appointment my midwife had an incline that what should feel like a butt was my babies head= breech.... on friday i dropped Lillian off to Lolo (thank God for good friends) and then I waited for the ultrasound tech to tell me the news... sure enough breech. This little one wouldn't show it's face and it's butt was so comfy in my pelvis that we couldn't see the sex... on saturday i spent the day being kicked and jarred as we encouraged our bun in the oven to "turn!" Lillian would say, followed by, "baby out" because she really wants the baby to come out. After a day and night full of tossing and turning, both me and the babe...sunday came and something had changed... the baby had turned!

smart baby. thank you God.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

final days of three

as we soak in our last moments of life with just Lillian, we can't help but adore her. although the baby is quite the talk in our home & mostly by Lillian... the reality is pretty far from our minds. it is amazing to think that we have had 20 beautiful months of Lillian in our lives- not counting the 9 months of pregnancy. i love counting the days of her life and that each month is such a milestone. i love her smile. i love her curiosity that lends her to be quite the helping hand. i love love her big eyes that talk when she doesn't yet have the words. i love her happy dance, her laugh, her tutu's, her voice, and her excitement "yeah! yeah! yeah!" she often chants when something suits her fancy. we absolutely love our lillian faye!
they look so much a like in pictures- i never realize it in real life.

my coffee date.
snack before bed- "beep" what she calls milk

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

24, 25...

barefoot, pregnant in the kitchen... yep that was me at 24 with a huge grin on my face and more in love than I knew possible. still 24 and a new mom with an adorable baby girl in tow- two peas in a pod- that is me and my new best friend Lillian. admiring, adoring and dotting over every movement, moment and where abouts, my love & I found great delight in our offspring.

turning point... 25. It felt monumental (not sure why at the time) and now marks in my mind a new chapter in my life. it was the first birthday that I actually thought about my BIRTH-DAY. And my birthday being a day about me...well those days are kind of gone, which it isn’t a bad thing to loss your selfishness, but i admit that i held tightly to the expectation of that day being mine. We bought our first home, our baby turned one, fully committed to my duty as house wife/ mother and pregnant....

baby #1 at age 24 and baby #2 at age 25...let me tell you two years in my life that definitely won’t be forgotten. and although at this point in time i am totally overwhelmed by all that 24 & 25 have been... more than my words can even let on. I’m sure my memory will dim it down and new moments will out weight this HUGE time in my life, but I won’t ever discount these years as truly HUGE in the largest I have ever been and forever changing my life.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Lillian's favorite word is HAPPY and not only does she love the word, but the meaning radiates from her being- she is truly Happy!!! This happy dance is an unsolicited burst of joy that comes with the mention of the word. It is contagious- BE HAPPY!!!