Saturday, December 25, 2010

happy holidays

We had the Merriest of Christmas' this year! Now that we are back home i must note a few tidings of christmas this year...

I love christmas! It is exciting and magical every moment set to a melodious tune... Lillian had me singing carols around the clock. Her favorites were a tie between Rudolph & Away in a Manger. 

Monday, December 20, 2010


Lillian talks so much & the alphabet is her favorite (Happy Birthday a close 2nd). So, my day is filled with letter matching & i spy the letter version. The alphabet according to Lil:

A for Annie
B for Baba
C for Carly
D for Dada
E for Eleanor
F for Faye
G for Grammy
H for Hi
I for I love you
J for Justin Dean
K for Tina (Katrina)
L for Lillian Faye
M for Mary Faye
N for Nana
O for Ollie
P for Pappy
Q for Queen
R for Rowen
S for Seckel
T for Tree
U for Uncle
V for ...
W for Wendy
X for ... 
Y for Yes
Z for Zion

now i know my ABC next time won't you sing with me... SING WITH ME!

SPECIAL NOTE TODAY: Happy 30th Birthday Josh! Love you brother!

feature presentation

starring: lillian & ollie

 charlie brown christmas
yummy popcorn & coco with whipped cream
best friends & best movie night ever

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

true confessions

our two year old lillian faye spends her last moments before shut eye telling God the on goings of her day. they have recently gone something like this:

Dear God, love to Daddy, Mama, Rowen...

i made cookies with Laila & couldn't share so baby in time out, cause couldn't share.

happy know it clap your hands. sing that song today and i like it and i danced too.

daddy wouldn't let me watch Elmo.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

sugar cookies

 quite the christmas party for two year olds Lillian & Laila today at our house. a little sugar, a lot of flour and some cookies shaped as snowmen, stars & "kiss-a-me" tree's

the boys enjoyed themselves too. our kids are both 11 days apart. so fun, we love the Birt's!

Monday, December 13, 2010


pure adoration. love at first sight. heart bursting joy. true love. 

k for katrina
l for lillian faye seckel

dear lillian faye, i absolutely adore you. you are the cutest little girl and sweetest little thing. i am honored to be your mommy and spend my every waking moment in your delightful presence. from watching you dance, listening to you sing, and eating lots of pretend cookies with tea- you top the charts! you have put it well lately when you say, "best friends mama for ever and ever!" yes forever!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

days of christmas

from bundled up strolls for Christmas light sighting to reindeer at Swansons , every event makes this December our best... through the eyes of our children.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

starting to look like...

I couldn't be more excited for Christmas this year! 
This is our first Christmas being at our own home & as a family of four! 
My first Christmas with a real tree!

And a note from Rowen... brrr (yes, it is cold outside & so my mom put my sissy's gloves on me)
 wagon ride. lil just taking a quick break to warm her hands.
carousel ride! 
we spent this morning in downtown seattle! after pikes place, nordstrom and the bustling of shopping to Christmas music & surrounded by festivities & lights.... we are fully in the swing of Christmas Cheer!


After two weeks in AZ to celebrate Thanksgiving I am so thankful! 
Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

Rowen you are the cutest boy (plus new hat & two teeth)

PJ Party with Nana, Pappy, & Cousins!

Cousin Boys!

Desert Botanical Gardens- butterfly exhibit

Friends forever + kids

Lillian & Amylynn= twinners!

Aunt Jess & Uncle Josh soaking in Rowen.... they are going to be GREAT parents (in July)!