Thursday, May 5, 2011

Camano Island

The kids and I just spent the last two night at my In-Laws, while Justin was away for business. There is something so refreshing about heading out of the city and into wide open spaces. The heritage is rich and the land is lush... we took the low road by Grandpa's old dairy farm and homesteaded land. Headed onto the island into a place that is now so familiar to me I can call it home. We laughed and were loved on by Justin's Great Grandma, my kids Super Great Grandma (who just turned 96 on May 1), both Great Grandma's, Great Grandpa Moo, Grammy, Baba and Oscar (the dog). I feel so blessed, as I soak in the family I have married into. The treasure of such faith, loyalty, and love that is folded into the fabric of my babies beings, makes me beam with gratitude.

 super great grandma & lillian  
 happy great grandma & lil clap your hands
 red, white, blue, me & you

 pretty princess
 standing alone
 corvette cool- happy 50th grammy!
Lillian Deer & Baba
pure joy