Thursday, July 30, 2009

Zoo Tunes

if you have never been... it is a wonderful way to enjoy a concert. carly, lillian & i had a blast. we brought in our dinner, ate on a blanket, enjoyed some soft serve ice cream- my favorite! and we were surrounded by tons of other blankets filled with toddlers, babies and pretty much little ones galore- kiddie bliss! lillian loved it and wondered around making friends with everyone within a ten step radius. she loved the freedom.

JEWEL! that was the artist of the night. she took me right back to jr.high and i loved it! she still, just as i had remembered, was an easy listen and good for your heart & soul. she yodled, which was a treat. we all loved it.

Beat the heat

All time record for Seattle was set yesterday with the temperature reaching a scorching 103!!! Now I have actually endured 103+ before being an AZ born babe, but never without A/C- which makes a pretty big difference. Truly. I enjoyed it... but getting my baby to bed at night well we just extended her bed time to: when it cools down (which was about 10pm). But we had a blast basking in the sun & splashing in cool waters...from ocean, to lake, to kid pool, to slip-in- slide, to fun times & sweet memories.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big Lake

We had a lot of fun last week... tubing on the grass- what a blast!
Lemons for Lil to make lemonade?
Not quite sure what she thinks about having to wear a PFD...
Running to meet Daddy at the dock... HI+ Wave= so cute!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

little things

it is the little things in life that i love.

open mouth kisses from my little one- i can't quite figure out why she opens her mouth to kiss, but it is a kiss none the less

bringing back bible study- there is nothing like the good old days to make you feel all warm & fuzzy inside. ever since i started meeting with my college friends again every week... bliss.

sunny days in seattle- seriously that is why i live here & i actually like the rain too, but i love how happy & appreciative everyone is of a beautiful day- it's refreshing.

working out- i have a whole new respect for my body since being pregnant & a mom. i love yoga videos- now you know my secret.

listening to music that feels like a soundtrack to your life- just puts a rhythm to your steps and makes it all in sync

reading a book and taking a line out to become your quote of the day: "our tears are sacred. they water the ground around our feet so that new things can grow."- thank you rob bell (from Jesus wants to save Christians)

deer, as in the animal- i get so excited every time i see one- seriously it is just awing to me. probably because i grew up in AZ, but still i get so excited "DEER!!" & my husband smiles at how it never gets old...

water. the ocean. lakes. coast. waves. sparkling refreshment. showers. beaches. tides.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 15, 2006

This was definitely one of the best days of my life. The day itself just embodied bliss. It was beautiful- I looked beautiful (lol), we were on the water, we were surrounded by our best friends & family, the band played, my brothers spoke, babes danced, we kissed, laughed and smiled until our cheeks hurt. It was a dream come true and the day happened with as much ease as I had dreamed it. Love was in the air... and so we were married... 3 years ago today!

off we ran to find our love in marriage...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cama Beach

one ocean weekend after the next. i am loving this WA weather of sunshine & 75. we went to cama beach state park (on camano island) this weekend for a family reunion. we ended up venturing off as a family...


From Canby- To Coast- To Portland

the wedding in canby was quite a kick- it was a musical wedding full of color, a bouquet of bridesmaids (i was 1 of 18 to be exact) and a beautiful bride & groom. words can not even begin to paint an adequate picture of this genuine theatrical presentation. music from les miserables, oklahoma, fiddler on the roof, some gospel at its best and their own vows in harmony. tears,laughter, chills, and an exit of triumph to the USA Olympians theme song.

Mr. & Mrs. Weisehan with Lillian at the reception eating the BEST homemade (by the bride) Mexican food EVER & enjoying the rhythm of the 9 piece mariachi band. Wedding bliss!


pacific city is a must for all who like the coast.
s'mores, bonfires, tents, sand dunes, surfing, pelican pub, fireworks, fun times
thanks for coming with us Mitchell's, Jastram's & Seckel Family

we were off to portland from here so justin could begin his work week.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

If looks could kill...

I would be dead.

Exhibit A: I accidentally went the wrong way in the U-Village parking lot- opps! As I am about to exit my error... a woman unaffected by my wrong feels the need to wave her hands and say "you're going the wrong way" & I reply apologetically, " I know" AND she responds- hands raised in outrage, " YOU KNOW!!" and goes off to rant to her friend about people these days and the mistakes that she never makes- goodness be nice I have baby on board.

Exibit B: I am driving in my neighborhood and make it to a stop sign- so I stop- inch up- stop- see a biker... think to myself I'll let him go (pat myself on the back)... he looks at me- ANGRY! How dare you inch into my bike lane! A flick of the rist and he's off to leave no carbon foot print, but wafes his bad attitude to all those car users. Biker Snob.

Exibit C: After a really busy day, I run out to do one last errand. I am driving down my street, not even a block from my house & this dog runs out in front of me- I slam on the brakes & my heart goes up in my throat. AHHH!!!! No thud and the dog runs off... thank the Lord. I proceed at tortoise speed with my hand over my racing heart. A lady walking her dog saw the whole thing and looks at me- shaking her head, lips turned up- no empathy. Dogs do no wrong.

What I have learned: have a little grace and for goodness sake be nice- it actually feels really good.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Lil!

She woke up this morning with a playful demeanor and the slight notion that today might be a good day. Turns out she was right and she LOVES her birthday and we LOVED our birthday morning with our LOVELY birthday BABE!