Friday, September 23, 2011

talk to me

When ever I say, "aha" to Lillian instead of opening my mouth to say, "Yes!" my sweet Lillian says, "mama talk to me." It just makes me smile because it sums up Lillian these days, she loves a good chat! Here are a few moments that I don't want to forget:

Every morning as we usher Justin off to work and each kiss him good bye Lillian says, 
"Bye Babe! Have a good day! You look fan- some!" 
Yes FAN-SOME, which we have come to believe means fantastically handsome.

She asked us at dinner the other night, "why can't kids have beer?" I responded with something about how you have to be older and she says, "Kind of like how you can't swallow gum? Kids can't drink beer or swallow gum, right?" She was very satisfied with her understanding and moved on.

Last night as I tucked Lillian into bed, read her book, sang her songs and then we prayed. She prayed, "dear Jesus please heal my blood owie and make it all better. Amen. Mom can we go visit Jesus sometime? Does he live really far away? Can we walk to his house or do we have to take an airplane? I think I would like to meet him sometime though. Do you think we can?"

Lillian melts my heart and has a way of loving me like no other. 
A few things that I love about her right now are: 
Her bursts of love for me that include a big hug, kiss and "i love you so much in the whole wide world mommy. you are just the cutest girl in the whole wide world. i love you so much!" 
Her song & dance, which is often spun, twirled and dressed in 3+ bathing suits/leotards. 
Her outfits are such an expression of her personality as she dresses herself and changes outfits multiple times a day. 
Her motherly instincts, which lead her to care for her babies so sweetly, nursing, swaddling, rocking and putting them to bed, "shh my baby is sleeping." She dreams about, "someday when i am a big mommy, I can hold big babies."

i love my Lillian Faye!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

big happy family

Summer time was wonderful, so much that I never had a moment to blog. I felt fully immeshed and absorbed in my adorable littles & being a "big happy family!", Lillian says. Our kids are best friends and bursting with joy! It is truly a blessing to love and be so loved!

Princess Lillian all dressed up: CLASSIC
Sweet Sleeping Moment: PRECIOUS
 Ballerina in MY tutu: ADORABLE
Like Father, Like Son: HANDSOME
 Boat rides & sunshine: BABE
 2 sets of red TOMS: MATCHING

 Stanwood Fair: DAIRY GIRL
Cutest little girl in the whole wide world: FLOWER GIRL

Water + Outside + Rowen: MR. SMILES

South Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival: JULY FOURTH
 Helmets, Snacks, Bikes, Buckled, Trailer: CHECK
Swimming, Laughing, Water, JD Bike Shop, Toys, Backyard Bliss: DAILY