Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas & a sick baby...

a bit of change in plans has occurred... we have spent the last week with our poor little one who received an ear infection, soar throat, "teething syndrome" and incommunicable pain since the day we flew to AZ. she calmly kept her peace on the airplane (thank you Lord), but but from landing until Christmas Eve it has been a little rough. we have had one trip to Urgent Care, 2 sleepless nights, 3 days of no eating, 4 meltdowns, 5 days of antibiotics under our belt and 6 more days to soak in the sun.

she loves presents, can't get enough of smiling (on command), learns a handful of new words everyday (favorites: purple, Amy, Joy Joy), thoroughly enjoys swinging, bike rides, cousin time, alone time and DANCING!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

bump & baby

hello baby bump! yes it has arrived and is coming in strong. this little one is kicking a lot and making me eat to much... well that is actually not the baby- that is the holidays + lack of self control. i am starting to get excited, which comes in the form of over organizing and making tons of lists. must do before baby..... i am 'nesting'.
below is my little angel being so obedient... "Lillian smile at Mommy & then I will take your coat off"... THE SMILE- LOL!... and then the coat came off. i truly love this little one more than i ever knew was possible.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

classical baby

Lulu the lamb, while watching Classical Baby- both Lillian must haves for the season!!!
Our little princess dreams about Classical Baby, which by the way I believe is extremely fabulous... sure it is tv time, which 'they' recommend you don't introduce until 2 years old (which prior to being a mom I totally agreed with). But this is classical music set to animated animals watching different art, music and dance routines- simulating a symphony experience. And our sweet little lover of the arts mostly music & dance at this point... well it fuels her passion & gives me 20 minutes to either do the dishes, take a shower or sit down and cuddle with my baby.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


December you are here again & I truly love you with great anticipation. The hope for snow, the holiday cheer, fabulous treats, a cup of warm, music that fills my day with sweet memories, family (oh family is probably my favorite of it all) and presents to give & get- oh bliss!!! Thank you December for every day of your month and please don't bustle by to quickly.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lillian & Osk

Yes, that is Lillian making some sort of Dog noise- mixed with intensity.
Yes, she is absolutely crazy, hilarious and extremely entertaining.
Yes, she is wrestling with her dog Osk, which my father in law calls ULL (Ultimate Lil Lil)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We just spent our Thanksgiving weekend in Whistler, Canada. It was beautiful! Lillian officially loves the snow & realizes the importance of gloves. She had a blast and I know she had fun because she gratefully took every nap and went down "nigh nigh"with relief... she is cuter & cuter every single day. We are absolutely enthralled and beyond thankful for our little turkey- "gobble, gobble" she would say & snow bunny- "sooow" she would say. And a special thanks to my in-laws for taking us.

And one more thing... is it seriously already DECEMBER!!! Lillian is 17 months old today!