Thursday, June 6, 2013

26.2 miles

i have said that this marathon was like my third baby and that may sound funny, but hear me out. the training is much like pregnancy in the sense that your body is changing and doing things you didn't know possible. then race day or your due date comes and you are full of emotion, anticipation, until the first contraction, or you cross the starting line. its go time, you get in the zone. focused. then at about mile 18 for me was what in labor they call "transition" i started thinking maybe i could call in for a sub or trying to think about taking a break or getting some pain relief, but no. my phone died which was my music & pacer so my rhythm was off and i was aware that i was still running and into uncharted territory, a distance i had yet to achieve. Then i hit mile 20 which was a hill that lasted for the next two miles. Justin jumped in and began running with me, my couch in labor & life and i will note that just like when i was in labor he remained rather silent only to pop in with a word of encouragement ever so often, but not to much knowing that being there was enough. then the end was in sight, but i was tiered and still brainstorming of ideas like, maybe if Justin carries me for a bit i won't lose to much time or where is that bike he was riding earlier in the race, it wouldn't be bad to just ride a few miles. then the 25mile sign arrives and its like when the doctor or midwife tell you, okay you are going to have this baby just push... so i pushed and crossed the finish line with a smile on my face and joy in my heart knowing that i am fearfully & wonderfully made. I did it! I finished! I won my race. 

I have a new respect for my body. Having two babies gave me that respect too; the fact that i was able to grow and hold another human within my body, the body i was born with and then give birth to a baby and then fed the baby, with my body, wow! So i saw fit the challenge for my body to achieve another great feet and it succeed, it ran the race... 
26.2 miles in 4 hours and 13 minutes.

a few highlights from the race:

  •  mile 6 when i saw my husband ride by me on his bike & then along side me for the next few miles
  • mile 10 when i was cheered on by my brother Josh, his wife Jessica and my niece Esther. My sweet sister-in-law cheered with tears & got me all choked up too
  • mile 13 when my Dad shouted encouragement (took me back to childhood athletics)
  • mile 14 when my kids saw me, Lillian ran with me a few paces, Justin held Rowen & ran with me so they each could give me a high five... they were beaming
  • mile 20 when my husband showed up running next to me and i said, "my phone died"... i was a ship without a sail. he plugged his into my cord & paced with me for the next 6 miles
  • mile 23 coming up the last hill and seeing my mom, dad, brother Josh with Lillian on his shoulders and my sister-in-law Jessica with Rowen in her arms, "Go Katrina! Go Mommy! Good job! You got this!"
  • mile 25 when i gave it my all
  • mile 26.2 the finish line
  • and then i grabbed a lot of free food & drinks, wobbled into the waiting area and was embraced by my mom, sister-law and husband. then i laid down on the pavement, smiling.

a few words to describe how i feel about finishing a marathon: accomplished, proud, challenged, honored, motivated, athletic, strong, amazed, relieved, happy, encouraged, grateful

later on that night my kids each said things to me that i will never forget.
Rowen: Mommy i want you to run a marathon AGAIN, that was SO fun.
Lillian: Mommy, how come God made me faster then some adults?