Monday, April 29, 2013

a year later...

i can NOT believe that a whole year has passed by since i last documented here. i have so much to say, share and reflect on to bring this space up to speed. this last year has been full of movement, emotion, endings, beginnings, bliss, milestones, and a lot of faith... a year ago tomorrow we made the decision to sell our house and quite frankly change our life. more of that story another day, but today here are the two that a whole year is a lot of their life and i am smitten to be the one they call MOM!

 a few words about rowen: adorable, daring, bugs, jet planes, dadada (superman), cool, shades, dimple, smile, futbol, strider, jump, cuddly, cautious,determined, choo-choo, focused, laughter, and he said, "you best ever!"

a few words about lillian: beautiful, loving, thoughtful, friendly, observant, sissy, horse rider, little mama, fashionista, encouraging, bright, monet, runner, legs, faithful, and she said, "when i told God i was nervous about being 5, He said, 'it's okay i will always be by your side'"

cheers to the road less traveled!