Thursday, July 23, 2009

little things

it is the little things in life that i love.

open mouth kisses from my little one- i can't quite figure out why she opens her mouth to kiss, but it is a kiss none the less

bringing back bible study- there is nothing like the good old days to make you feel all warm & fuzzy inside. ever since i started meeting with my college friends again every week... bliss.

sunny days in seattle- seriously that is why i live here & i actually like the rain too, but i love how happy & appreciative everyone is of a beautiful day- it's refreshing.

working out- i have a whole new respect for my body since being pregnant & a mom. i love yoga videos- now you know my secret.

listening to music that feels like a soundtrack to your life- just puts a rhythm to your steps and makes it all in sync

reading a book and taking a line out to become your quote of the day: "our tears are sacred. they water the ground around our feet so that new things can grow."- thank you rob bell (from Jesus wants to save Christians)

deer, as in the animal- i get so excited every time i see one- seriously it is just awing to me. probably because i grew up in AZ, but still i get so excited "DEER!!" & my husband smiles at how it never gets old...

water. the ocean. lakes. coast. waves. sparkling refreshment. showers. beaches. tides.



  1. I mean, seriously. That is like the cutest smile I've ever seen. You both make me smile HUGE :)

  2. can you believe that she actually smiles at the camera?? i love it, she is such a babe =)