Thursday, July 30, 2009

Zoo Tunes

if you have never been... it is a wonderful way to enjoy a concert. carly, lillian & i had a blast. we brought in our dinner, ate on a blanket, enjoyed some soft serve ice cream- my favorite! and we were surrounded by tons of other blankets filled with toddlers, babies and pretty much little ones galore- kiddie bliss! lillian loved it and wondered around making friends with everyone within a ten step radius. she loved the freedom.

JEWEL! that was the artist of the night. she took me right back to jr.high and i loved it! she still, just as i had remembered, was an easy listen and good for your heart & soul. she yodled, which was a treat. we all loved it.


  1. SO much fun!!! Thanks for taking me...I love the pics :)

  2. Hey girl! I'm so glad I found your blog! I can't believe how big and beautiful Lillian is getting! I put your blog in my blog list on my own blog. Come check it out...if you want! It's

    Love ya!