Monday, September 21, 2009

so the truth is...

I AM PREGNANT... yet again. It's true & hard to believe right...

so for the first 10 weeks of my pregnancy (this time & last time) I am pretty much out of commission. serioulsy. i just can't pull myself together for anything- it tends to all far apart...
  • exhibit a: my husband thinks we need a house cleaner & is dead serious that i really better find one ASAP! LOL!
  • exhibit b: my daughter became super grumpy... well I would to if I was living off raisins, string cheese & crackers- plus my mommy was laying on the couch hoping i could just play by myself for a few more hours. sorry baby.
  • exhibit c: my fridge is EMPTY and I am not exaggerating. my husband never goes grocery shopping alone, but drastic times call for drastic measures & so he goes to get Top Ramen, Mac & Cheese, & pickles ( the essentials in his survival book).
  • exhibit c (continued): the previous (empty fridge) leads into an empty kitchen... meaning we eat out A LOT. i just can't cook- the thought is yucky and the actual action would just due me in (as if I am not already in- ha)
  • exhibit d: exhaustion sets in. i am doing nothing and getting absolutely worn out by it. i just have to sit down for a second...and after a few seconds... well i am still tiered actually. i can't wait for that burst of nesting that is just around the corner.
so needless to say our life has been interesting, but i am BACK and just filled the fridge with groceries. we are eating at home tonight because i LOVE cooking again. I tend to make up for my weeks of lacking with a burst of kitchen loving... the aroma of squash and fresh bread now waft there sent through my clean home. We love you baby on the way...

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  1. Congratulations! When are you due? Continue to give yourself LOTS of grace in the months to come. Lillian won't remember you scheduling in more frequent nap times...for both of you. Happy for you. :)