Saturday, November 21, 2009


so shallow... especially following my last post, but I must be honest... okay are you ready for the truth? ready for the ridiculous thought that plagues me? ready for the inward beauty that i fear doesn't glow on this moment...

i starting thinking today about my least favorite part about being fat. i mean pregnant. i know so silly & it isn't the belly... it's the face.

my whole life i have had these cheeks! and as a little person like Lillian, well they are ADORABLE! and then as a junior higher they are well puberty. and then high school i believed that they made me look fat (they kind of did). college they started to fade... some how from when i met justin until we got married they slimmed- call it love =). and now well i don't mind my cheeks because they are rather proportionate to my face (or so i have come to believe), but when i get pregnant and my proportions change... well my cheeks feel the need to remain in proportion. to keep up with the belly. creating what i am not to fond of, but oh well. i probably need more cheek to help my smile muscles when this beautiful baby arrives. sweet joy in my big cheeks =).

there it is the honesty of my day. now that i have that off my chest hopefully i will move on to bigger, brighter and more brilliant things- i love baby cheeks (in both senses of the word- small & of my child)!


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  2. You are and have always been beautiful. :)