Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas & a sick baby...

a bit of change in plans has occurred... we have spent the last week with our poor little one who received an ear infection, soar throat, "teething syndrome" and incommunicable pain since the day we flew to AZ. she calmly kept her peace on the airplane (thank you Lord), but but from landing until Christmas Eve it has been a little rough. we have had one trip to Urgent Care, 2 sleepless nights, 3 days of no eating, 4 meltdowns, 5 days of antibiotics under our belt and 6 more days to soak in the sun.

she loves presents, can't get enough of smiling (on command), learns a handful of new words everyday (favorites: purple, Amy, Joy Joy), thoroughly enjoys swinging, bike rides, cousin time, alone time and DANCING!

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