Tuesday, June 29, 2010

awe of you

i can't describe the feeling of admiration, joy, delight, breathtaking... in awe of you baby love. looking at my children honestly leaves me speechless at times. lately i have been stopped with moments of such bliss and pride that i can't help but say a million times a day, "i love you lil! i love you rowen!" their reactions too just make me repeat myself... Lillian looks at me head cocked, huge smile, "YEAH!" agreeing with me & affirming me that my love is a fact. Rowen smiles like it is his job & now coos so sweetly that it sounds like a giggle. i am completely smitten with my children and absolutely love this time of their life.


lillian is talking off the hook... literally she loves the phone! call & she will chat you up!

her sense of humor: "no way crazy" she says if you ask her a funny question

how polite she is "PLEASE!" is her favorite word not always said in what we call a 'regular voice'

new interest in ownership... everything belongs to someone "dada's shoes, row-row's diaper, mama's bed" and of course "mine" or more often "self"... buckling seatbelt, putting shoes on, eating- "self!" and then usually followed by, "help me please!"

a few favorite words:
"up-d-up" = spit up
"beep"= milk
"lovey"= love you

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