Monday, June 21, 2010

happy father's day

to celebrate the DADA of the house... Rowen had a massive blow out and Dad wiped his bum clean, Lillian pooped in the tub and Dad cleaned it out, and our littlest man decided to be up all day wanting mama (after his 10.5 hour night sleep) so Dad made dinner with Lil. i think that this father's day was more of a turning point ... Justin is officially a SUPER DADA!!! i mean seriously props to the man of the house who not only provides for us and gives us the life that we so enjoy... now he cleans & cooks. it's just a season babe- thanks for going with the flow!

we also had a lot of fun... chocolate croissants & coffee for breakfast, walked to the Zoo, watched World Cup, family hug in the kitchen & went to Molly Moons for Justin's favorite milk shake Strawberry & Salted Caramel, which Lillian REALLY liked too:
You know your husband is a good Dad when... your daughter's most voiced phrase is, "dada please"- referring to just wanting him, he watches both your kids so you can go try out HOT YOGA (unfortunately Rowen wasn't too happy) but his attitude is- "it will get better every time" and when the most common noise in our house when Dad is home is laughter. Our kids are so blessed to have Justin as their dad- they will some day spend Father's Day telling him, but for now it is beyond words!

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