Wednesday, June 9, 2010

look a like.

can you tell who is who? lillian & rowen. both of these pictures are of them at 6 weeks old & obviously in the same outfit. they are SO different... lil slept swaddled, in the same position all night by 6 weeks. rowen doesn't stay in a swaddle for a minute, moves all night & sleeps about 6 hours (i'm not complaining though- he is just a 4am pooper). Lil nursed for about 20-40 minutes every 3 hours. Rowen nurses about 5-10 minutes every 2 hours (fast eating causes spitting up though). lil never slept in our bed & rowen would probably prefer the co-sleeping method. lil would do crunches when i changed her diaper & rowen is a serious kicker. they both see angels. they both suck their thumbs- lil at 6 months & rowen at 6 weeks. they both make me so delighted to be a mom. they both are adorable, smiley, big cheeked, button nosed, super long, happy babes!

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