Wednesday, June 16, 2010

over loving

my newest challenge is containing, training, channeling, modeling and monitoring how we LOVE Rowen. the poor little guy so innocent and sweet got pounced on by Lillian today. they both bursted into tears- Rowen out of pain & shock and Lillian followed with remorse uttering "sorry, sorry, sorry". do i discipline? scold? move on? embrace my crying kids? well i did a bit of each i think. i embraced my son checking him over for any serious injury, disciplined my daughter with the look on my face, scolded the situation and after the tears went away we moved on to loving with hugs and kisses. as i reflect on the situation all i can think about is how many more times is this going to happen? the tears and bruises ahead of me... God give me the strength not to yell, the arms to hold them both and the insight to impart understanding.

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