Sunday, August 15, 2010

a job with perks

I was out to coffee with two of my best friends & my kiddos. Lillian was playing in the rocks, Rowen slept peacefully on my chest & us girls chatted. It was a beautiful weekday and as we each pondered the moment my friend who was taking the day off from work remarked, "your job has a lot of perks" I smiled knowing that day truly was a perk... me, my two favorite friends and my two kids to coffee and the park.

we were out to dinner the other night with two of our unmarried, no children friends, as the normal dinner chaos ensued... we did our duties to hold a child in one hand and eat in the other- passing them back in forth, parenting our two year old "try this!" "take a bit" "sit on your bottom please" "do you need to go potty" and of course carry on what in our life these days is a normal conversation. Our friends announced that our life was "good birth control"... haha... and before i could feel defensive my husband announced with pride "being a parent is so rewarding"... i carried on smiling because i love my life!

my mom told me that when she had me she use to look in the mirror at herself while holding me & say to her reflection, "I look good with a baby!" Now as i walk in my mothers shoes I feel the bliss of feeling beautiful because the baby in my arms makes me so- oh beautiful baby.

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  1. Your post is beautiful words for my soul today. Motherhood = Bliss.