Monday, November 1, 2010

monkey & butterfly

Lillian this morning decided that she wanted to be a monkey too... of course Rowen's costume actually fit her, minus the high water pants (that i accidentally cropped out).

 Dr. Check up today: Lillian weighted in at 25 pounds & 3 ounces & Rowen right behind her at 16 pounds & 5 ounces. They are both in the 75% for height & healthy as can be!


  1. I think Halloween is one of my favorite holidays now that we have kids.

  2. This cracks me up. Rowena is eighteen months and is ounces shy of thirty pounds. She's our heftiest child yet! I think she weighed 25 pounds on her first birthday. Thankfully she hasn't outgrown her nighttime snuggles. They grow so fast. I'm glad you're enjoying yours while you can. They are so sweet. I just love Lillian's little face and her little Lillian-isms.