Monday, December 20, 2010


Lillian talks so much & the alphabet is her favorite (Happy Birthday a close 2nd). So, my day is filled with letter matching & i spy the letter version. The alphabet according to Lil:

A for Annie
B for Baba
C for Carly
D for Dada
E for Eleanor
F for Faye
G for Grammy
H for Hi
I for I love you
J for Justin Dean
K for Tina (Katrina)
L for Lillian Faye
M for Mary Faye
N for Nana
O for Ollie
P for Pappy
Q for Queen
R for Rowen
S for Seckel
T for Tree
U for Uncle
V for ...
W for Wendy
X for ... 
Y for Yes
Z for Zion

now i know my ABC next time won't you sing with me... SING WITH ME!

SPECIAL NOTE TODAY: Happy 30th Birthday Josh! Love you brother!

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