Sunday, December 5, 2010

starting to look like...

I couldn't be more excited for Christmas this year! 
This is our first Christmas being at our own home & as a family of four! 
My first Christmas with a real tree!

And a note from Rowen... brrr (yes, it is cold outside & so my mom put my sissy's gloves on me)
 wagon ride. lil just taking a quick break to warm her hands.
carousel ride! 
we spent this morning in downtown seattle! after pikes place, nordstrom and the bustling of shopping to Christmas music & surrounded by festivities & lights.... we are fully in the swing of Christmas Cheer!


  1. Hey guys! We love seeing pictures of the kids and life in general. Miss you, peace, Derek and Anlee

  2. so cute! we want pics of the sugar cookie masterpieces too! :)

  3. your first REAL christmas tree? i hadn't realized that...

    glad you finally told me you have a blog ;)

  4. karlee- i forgot to take pictures of the sugar cookies... so we will make them again!

    jenny- i know!!! i'm now following your blog ;)