Monday, March 14, 2011

working out

after having two babies and watching my body ebb & flow between plus or minus 40 some pounds I have a new appreciation for my physeek. the fact alone that my body can carry another human being- in womb & now in my arms, well it's rather awing. all that to say when i am pregnant i dream about being a runner & i notice runners every where. I figure it is kind of like if you have straight hair- you want curly & curly hair- wants straight.... except i doubt runners are looking at me when i'm pregnant thinking wish i was waddling instead of running (not likely). so i have high hopes of getting my running on, along with attending pure barre classes (i'm super into this work out for woman & they are opening up every where(should probably buy stock in it), plus once it stops raining... me & my bike trailer are going to be best friends! the best work out EVER though is laughter... so here is to working-out & laughing

video: Justin with Ollie, Lillian & Rowen