Monday, April 18, 2011

coloring eggs

as our eggs sat in the window soaking up the dye, my Lil beamed with excitement as the sun set on her pretty little curls. she is absolutely delightful! 

each time we pulled an egg out of its cup she gasped with delight exclaiming, "BLUE!" or "PINK!" amazed a dozen times that our white eggs were now a color. her joy was contagious and i began to be more in awe myself in the mystery of each eggs saturation of color.

she hugged me so tight as i carried her to bed and whispered (in her not so quiet- quietest voice because Rowen is sleeping), "i love you mommy. i love you mommy so much. you are my best friend ever. best friends ever." and that is one of those moments that i could live in, freeze, stop, just stay like this forever.


  1. awww... yes freeze time. please. She is just beautiful ... can you believe they are almost 3? Crazy!

  2. I know Kim, I can not believe they are almost 3! So big!