Thursday, April 7, 2011

dinner is ready

Spring Setting- thank you Country Living
growing up my dad would always say, "dinner's ready is music to a man's ears." my mom wasn't the fondest of this notion considering she was often scrambling to get dinner on the table after her long day at work & four kids running around her. so now i understand...

the task of dinner is daunting & i often debate calling all to fast around six o'clock, if dinner is not being served. the thing is i love to cook, but often with children the pleasure gets squelched. it is a work in progress because i love eating yummy food as a family. my tuesday this week was spent meal planning & hearing from a fellow mom at MOPS on the topic, so i left with my hopes high, new recipes filling my inbox & my month meal planned. here are a few of our family favorites in case you are in need of some new recipes or a week of meals...
  1. Coconut Curry Jasmine Rice - I usually add Rotisserie Chicken & top with steamed broccoli
  2. Lentil Soup- serve with fresh bread or grilled cheese
  3. Beef Stew - I add potato's & peas and subtract celery & cornstarch
  4. Quinoa Chicken- great as cold salad too
  5. Pulled Pork or Chicken- I prefer McCormicks mix found in most grocery stores, served over rice with cabbage salad or buns are always a winner.
  6. Homemade Pizza- Trader Joe's pizza dough is super quick & easy (Husband Cook Night) 
  7. Chicken Marbella- my fabulous friend Jenny brought us this meal after I had Rowen & we LOVE it! serve over isreali cous-cous, yum!
Chicken Marbella
Have a yummy week and please share your favorite meals with me!

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