Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Rowen

Dear Rowen,
You are my sunshine. I love you and the way that every thing you do is whole hearted. I love how much you smile. I love your determination and seeing your father in you. I love when you shake your head, so much it makes you giggle. I love having to chase you as you jet up the stairs, into the bathroom and off on your own. I delight in your love for you sister & hers for you. I love when you wake up that you are jumping in your crib. I love your grin and dimple. I love when you reach up at me like I am your heaven. I love how you cuddle and suck your thumb. I love watching you play ball. I love your open mouth kisses. You are adorable, a joy, hilarious, fun, Mr. Smile, Row-Row on the Go-Go, my little man and my favorite boy in the whole world. I love you forever.
Love Mama

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