Tuesday, June 14, 2011

14 snap shots

we are soaking up these adorable moments as they each come and quickly pass us by. Justin & I often look at each other, smile and whisper our love for each other & our babes. When you weight the responsibility and challenges of being at our stage in life with two kids... thank God our two beautiful kids out weight it all. They are charming, breathe taking, lively, full of adventure and brilliant in every little person way!

the men in my life (mother's day)

our beauty queen, looked in the mirror & said, "hmm, something doesn't look right. i better wear my grammy sweater"

best friends

zoo members & living a mile away makes us frequent jaguar visitors 

cutest lil pilot

 Rowen LOVES bike rides

 Princess Lillian's Picnic Quilt (I made it)

 Rowen's favorite Yoga pose

Rock Star!

Sunny Day in Seattle: Kerry Park 

True Seattleite awing at the Space Needle

lillian FAYE & mary FAYE (my college roommate)

flower girl! we are reading books and chatting up the wedding festivities as lil is in TWO weddings this July. she is thrilled about being a flower girl & getting married someday ("to daddy & prince rowen, so i get two rings then")

typical Rowen reaching to tell me what he wants. 
my life.

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