Thursday, September 15, 2011

big happy family

Summer time was wonderful, so much that I never had a moment to blog. I felt fully immeshed and absorbed in my adorable littles & being a "big happy family!", Lillian says. Our kids are best friends and bursting with joy! It is truly a blessing to love and be so loved!

Princess Lillian all dressed up: CLASSIC
Sweet Sleeping Moment: PRECIOUS
 Ballerina in MY tutu: ADORABLE
Like Father, Like Son: HANDSOME
 Boat rides & sunshine: BABE
 2 sets of red TOMS: MATCHING

 Stanwood Fair: DAIRY GIRL
Cutest little girl in the whole wide world: FLOWER GIRL

Water + Outside + Rowen: MR. SMILES

South Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival: JULY FOURTH
 Helmets, Snacks, Bikes, Buckled, Trailer: CHECK
Swimming, Laughing, Water, JD Bike Shop, Toys, Backyard Bliss: DAILY

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  1. a great endcap post to the summer ;) Your kids are truly adorable, as are you.