Monday, May 6, 2013


we talked, we prayed, we ran, we mulled, we biked, we talked, we prayed, we sought an answer to the stirring in our souls and one year ago we decided to sell our house.  our house was our first, our fixer-up-er, and the walls were painted with our own hands (inside & out). rowen was born there, lillian learned to walk there, our little family filled it with memories, grew and then out grew.  i felt like we were standing on the edge of a cliff and everything hinged on our decision to jump or turn around and make peace with the land we stood on...we turned around a few steps and then took a running start as we leaped!

our house sold in 3 short days with a few offers and for higher than asking price. by june 1 we were out of our home at 623 in Seattle

THEN up to camano island we went and for the next six months we hiked, we biked, we ran, we connected, we drank latte's, made fires, soaked in the sound, explored, had friends & family come to stay, celebrated Lillian's 4th, spent quality family time, enjoyed the greats and the grandparents,  lost my grandma & grandpa to heaven, hugged great grandma a lot before she left too, swam, whitnessed an AZ haboob, talked, watched tv, played games, choo-choo bobby, stayed at the cabin on Big Lake, kayaked, boated, tubed, water skied, camped at Cama Beach, collected treasures, crabbed, vacationed in Whistler, drove to Seattle, bible studied, grew up, slowed down, saw deer, skipped rocks,  watched fireworks, resorted in AZ & SD, mission bay, rented a car, pool time, first family vacay with friends, Lake Chelan, laughed, laid out, picked berries, stand-up paddle boarded, Portland, met baby Jacob, camped Dungeness Bay, visited Sequim, rode the ferry, watched the sunset, rode horses, became horse lovers, lived large in small ways, country living, wide open spaces, ran thru the woods, trail blazed, mowed the lawn, and soaked in the things we love most about the Pacific Northwest.

i am so thankful for that rich season of life that i never would of imagined. i love that life is a mystery and that our future is in Gods hands because although at times i think it might be better to know all...its really a gift that we don't and that only God does. i have enough on my plate being grateful and a good steward of today. thankful for the day i had the strength to leap & pray that daily i know the action best suited.

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