Wednesday, May 29, 2013

sharing is...

caring, right? well i love to share & just wanted to insert a few links...

  1. we had an amazing Seckel family photo shoot and if you would like to peek at the pictures, check out the Bostrom Blog it was delightful to be together and have someone capture our moments.
  2. our church that we are plugging into here in SD has been a HUGE blessing in to many ways to count, but they have a tool on their website that allows you to take a test to evaluate your God given gifts, talents and abilities. it is worth a few minutes of your time and i pray you are encourage to see your results: Solana Beach Presbyterian
  3. just starting to read some really good books and although i am not finished they are really good... so if you are looking for a summer read Bread & Wine, Freefall to Fly and the devotional Jesus Calling (& i am now going to buy the for kids one)
  4. last my wonderful husband bought me this cute little Q&A a day book for my birthday and we are going through it day by day to write our answers together. it has been really fun & i am all for little things that make husband & wife life, well better.
*click on the BOLD print & it will take you to each link

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