Monday, September 28, 2009


falling in love with this season again and all that it brings. the crisp air that makes our noses tingle & rosey. layers- i love layers of clothing actually. football- yes i am a fan & i just love that I can cuddle up, get my husband totally pumped and get stoked about watching guys that beat there bodies for our entertainment. i will make a personal note here to my brother Josh, who recently told me that I owe my football enjoyment to him & yes I probably do- if i wouldn't of attended EVERY sporting event in his entire life (only a slight exaggeration actually) my life of sports appreciation would be very different- thanks Josh!

Back to fall... my top love of fall after the fact that here in Seattle leaves actually FALL, which makes sense of the world for me.growing up in AZ I was kind of wondering who made up this silly word fall.

Fall=Food!!! I had a fall frenzie of yummy food in my kitchen this weekend and i am making a list of those to come. Warm pumpkin spice muffins- Lillian says "yum, yum" . this roasted squash, carrot, yam, onion dish with a soy glaze... my husband even loves it. I also make this quinoa dish that is a family favorite and was a hit at our neighborhood potlock. okay so this isn't going to be a food blog, but i will say one cookbook that i recommend is Mama-licious and she now has a blog (of course):

i am off to the park with Lillian- we are venturing out into the sweet fall air. here is yesterday =)

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