Tuesday, October 20, 2009


growing up my brother Jared would call me Katrina Ballerina and now I have a little version of myself I guess... why is it that little girls just look soo cute in tu-tu's?

She loves Fifi the Fawn- who in this case is her black stallion or white knight. She is such a princess.

And this last little episode is to show that even little ballerina's get stuck... in our kitchen Lillian has her own drawn (as you can see below). she loves to help and will find her own way to do so, which often isn't exactly helpful, but close. so I created a drawer for my little busy body to keep busy & feel helpful. on this special occasion she managed to get herself into her drawer, which unfortunately left her a bit stuck on how exactly to get out...

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  1. katrina-so glad to have found your blog. lillian is so beautiful, a little you indeed. glad to see you're well. -julie :)