Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a morning in bed

it is amazing how quickly i had forgotten about the idea of laying in bed or even the concept of sleeping in. i don't even know if i realized what a novelty it truly was. i vividly remember a few moments of laying around all day... so la-la, so lazy, so restfully happy- ahh... so i revisited that land of sleeping in this weekend as Lillian was away at her granparents. my husband and I naturally awoke to silence... we laid there grinning for a while at each other and then proceeded to lay there because we now know what a novelty it is...

of course i do love waking up to my adorable daughter every morning and i wouldn't trade a thousand mornings of sleeping in for her... what would i do if she wasn't there to point out my body parts, honk my nose, search for my belly button and even get her dad out of bed...it is life as we know it now & a novelty none the less.

Lillian's first hair clip.

just the 2 of us.


  1. What a good looking couple and amazingly cute little girl!!! We love your family!