Saturday, October 3, 2009

mobile uploads

so my husband has an i-phone and we tend to take a lot of pictures on the go. with a little one you really never know when her most adorable moments may happen. here are a few of the moments that i just retrieved off his phone...

eating is always an adventure- i love this face.

some times it is best to eat naked... then we do less laundry & she loves that she doesn't have to wear a bib. it is kind of like saying- "Yes! Be messy! Have fun!"

my little princess- in her carriage (stroller).

Justin took this picture of the j.crew manicans because as we walked by i said, "look that could be us!" he smiled & documented the moment.

we went on tons of bike rides this summer. she loves it- can't you tell?

there are more mobile uploads to come... they just may tend to come all at once. now that it is fall there are so many adventures ahead- Lillian's favorites thus far are picking up leaves & smelling the flowers.

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