Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Lillian says:
  • Mama
  • Dada
  • yeah, yes & yep
  • bubble
  • bug-bug, which means ladybug
  • hi
  • up
  • no, which she says in this sweet innocent voice =)
  • Ollie-Ollie-Ollie, which is our neighbor & her BF
  • Grampa, which sounds like GAM-PA
  • Nana, which is banana & my Mom
  • Namy, which is Grammy
  • egg- her favorite food
  • nigh-nigh, she usually leaves the "t" off the end
  • baby
  • ear
  • belly button
  • bye bye
  • mwahh... she blows the best kisses
  • pppp= please
so she has a few word under her belt and she understands EVERYTHING! it is unbelievable... :"Lil can you shut the door".. DONE! .. "Lil go get your shoes".. DONE! .. "Lil can you sing me a song".. "la la la".. "Lil where is Daddy's phone"- "Dada's"... and she finds it. She knows every room in the house by name, "Go get your water cup on the kitchen".. DONE! It may not sound like much, but it makes her less like a baby and more like this cute little person, who is starting to understand & know & i love it.

A funny story... the other morning Justin was heading off to work & gave me a smooch & tapped my butt... not 2 seconds later my little one comes over and gives me a little love tap on my bum. LOL!

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  1. So many words!!! Now, if you could just teach her to say, "Please take me to the mall, Aunt Jessie, because I'd like to buy some shoes" that would be great. Then when we come for a visit, Lil and I will be all set to go!