Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

we had a fabulous time in AZ with an overwhelming amount of familiar faces & the joys of being extremely busy. we are home now exhausted and nursing our spinning memories with a bit of mundane. it is amazing how good the routine feels after a full dose of holiday vacation. it is funny to find that in our home we each come back from vacation a bit different:
  • justin is filled with ambition and a list full of projects that will probably all be finished by the end of the week- his current location is refinishing out basement & i don't put it past him to finish it by the weekend... he has already knocked out walls, removed all our storage and relocated it to the garage (by himself- that included moving a highboy dresser up our stairs alone- not to mention all our stuff), mopped the floor, and is now priming the walls.... we got home Friday night & yes he works all day. i love my husband- he amazes me.
  • lillian is playing with her toys as if they are all brand new, not quite sure she wants to go to bed at night or take a nap and really excited about SHOES- mine, yours & hers... testing the limits and just checking to see if I really meant NO when I said no.
  • me well i am exhausted. i realized that i base the bliss of vacations on how well I sleep... which actually means how well Lillian slept. and to be honest Lillian didn't sleep to well in AZ- she never quite figured it out after the ear infection... so that means that every day I awoke feeling like I had just had a slumber party & no slumber. i still had a great time, but running on 1/2 a tank brings you home burning rubber... so I am sleeping a lot and trying to slow down the pace since I already feel like my baby within wants to jump out... hold on we have 3 more months.
now to new years...
life- i want to soak it all in, like sunshine or rain
love- focus on it & ask for it to be like mercy... "new every morning"
lillian- smile. be patient. cover her in hugs & kisses. guide her to make good choices. enjoy the bliss of every childish moment. be there.


  1. Katrina,
    I hope you find some rest in the near future. It sounds like it is well deserved! You're an amazing women and mother. You're an inspiration... "life - i want to soak it all in, like sunshine or rain." This is such an awesome way to approach life and the start of a new year. Thanks Friend!!

  2. Thanks Meg! And fortunatly I have caught up on my sleep- I feel like a new woman =)