Monday, January 11, 2010

my baby is back

it may be hard to believe, but all of these pictures were taken when Lillian wasn't quite herself... these were definitely her best moments of our time in AZ, but the unphotographed, well... God does promise to only give us as much as we can handle & so I savor every one of these smiling moments.

a few things that are very Lillian... she sucks her thumb, loves to sleep (and since birth has done it without much of a fuss), talks a lot, is always up to play a game ("A BOO" being a favorite), plays by herself and can be pretty well entertained in her car seat... from snacks, to reading to herself, talking on the phone or just being okay.

so after a week at home we have our delightful child back in the swing of things. thankfully life is peaceful once again & our joyful child has us rolling in laughter & kisses once again- oh yes she loves giving kisses.

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