Monday, January 18, 2010

pink potty

"pooh-pooh", says Lillian as she pulls her pink potty out from behind the toilet. "do you have to go poop?", I ask with some hesitation. "yeah", Lillian says with assurance. "okay, that is what the potty is for" and I leave her to sit on her potty in the bathroom (fully clothed). she comes around the corner about 1 minute later saying, "pooh-pooh" and I ask "did you go pooh-pooh?"... "no" and she runs back to her potty.... 1 more minute passes with her sitting on her potty and then she comes into my room- beaming- "pooh-pooh!" and this time the smell confirms her proclamation. "did you go pooh-pooh on the potty?" I ask in disbelief. "yeah!" i look at my baby and then rejoice with her that she truly did go poop on the potty. i changed her diaper, doted over her accomplishment and gave her a big butterfly sticker. it was a big day for both of us... i am certainly not taking on fully potty training my 18 month old, but i still am extremely proud of my little potty pooper and had to take note of this event.

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