Wednesday, January 20, 2010

under grammy & grampa's watch

a few things happened today...
  • Justin left for a work trip & Lillian noticed he was gone for the first time... she was not happy. She searched the bed- sure he was hiding under the pillows. Yelled his name at the front door & then the tears.... DADA. Thank God it is only one night- see you soon love.
  • The fever that was hovering over Lillian finally lifted and left us alone for a whole 24 hours... which hopefully is gone for good.
  • Grammy & Grampa came to play with Lillian and when I say play... I mean play! This is one of the highlights of Lillian's life. They truly play with her, with no agenda or pending obligations they give her undivided attention AND she LOVES it! Here is the photo I received from their time together...
while this play time was going on I was enjoying a yoga class, running errands, happy hour with my best friends and taking a few moments to make me a better mom. i love being a MAMA and especially coming home to my little one... so excited to see me- her one and only MAMA!

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