Wednesday, March 17, 2010

turn baby, turn

so we had an interesting last few days... on thursday at my appointment my midwife had an incline that what should feel like a butt was my babies head= breech.... on friday i dropped Lillian off to Lolo (thank God for good friends) and then I waited for the ultrasound tech to tell me the news... sure enough breech. This little one wouldn't show it's face and it's butt was so comfy in my pelvis that we couldn't see the sex... on saturday i spent the day being kicked and jarred as we encouraged our bun in the oven to "turn!" Lillian would say, followed by, "baby out" because she really wants the baby to come out. After a day and night full of tossing and turning, both me and the babe...sunday came and something had changed... the baby had turned!

smart baby. thank you God.


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  2. Glad the babe turned for you! LOVE the pics of Lillian... what a doll!