Tuesday, March 16, 2010

final days of three

as we soak in our last moments of life with just Lillian, we can't help but adore her. although the baby is quite the talk in our home & mostly by Lillian... the reality is pretty far from our minds. it is amazing to think that we have had 20 beautiful months of Lillian in our lives- not counting the 9 months of pregnancy. i love counting the days of her life and that each month is such a milestone. i love her smile. i love her curiosity that lends her to be quite the helping hand. i love love her big eyes that talk when she doesn't yet have the words. i love her happy dance, her laugh, her tutu's, her voice, and her excitement "yeah! yeah! yeah!" she often chants when something suits her fancy. we absolutely love our lillian faye!
they look so much a like in pictures- i never realize it in real life.

my coffee date.
snack before bed- "beep" what she calls milk

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