Saturday, April 10, 2010

birth story

everyone has a birth story... this is the thought that I have been pondering as I wait for our little ones arrival and the day that it's birth story will be written.

every mother has a story for each child they have birthed: unique, memorable and extremely monumental.

my birth story was a bit a family affair. all of my brothers attended and helped in some capacity: ice chips, wash clothes, and i am sure a bit of comic relief. my birth is actually tape recorded and i have heard it once- the most memorable part is when i was first born and my mom couldn't believe i was a girl... after birthing 3 boys... she repeatedly utters "it's a girl, it's a girl, thank you Jesus, I can't believe it's a girl".

Lillian's birth day was full of joy and excitement. i remember walking 5 miles the day before she was born, justin wearing a watch for the first time- as he timed my contractions, driving to swedish hospital in seattle from stanwood at 2am, loving my husband more than i ever had and being overwhelmed with joy as she came out- "it's a girl!" I remember my husband was speechless with emotion and cried for the second time in our marriage (the first being our wedding day) AND then his first words to me being, "that was the hardest thing I have ever done"... he is so empathetic... and i would have to agree =)

as i was washing my hands in the restroom today at the mall, this mother turned to her son & told him how he was in her tummy before he was born. he looked at me perplexed and I said, "we all were in someone's tummy before we were born", he looked at me in awe... wow. i am pretty wowed by the idea too =)

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