Monday, April 12, 2010

due date

dear baby seckel,

today is your due date. i thought that you would be here by now, but you are smart enough to stay inside until we get a few things figured out. first it was justin being sick and you wouldn't of wanted to come into the world with a sick daddy. then my mom, your Nana wasn't here yet. then the house was a mess & my to do list wasn't finished. now it is a plumbing problem that prevents our tub from draining.

we really want you "OUT" (your sister Lillian tells you daily) and in our world, but we know that you waiting until we are ready. soon little love.

SO your amazing father just managed to fix the plumbing problem that he & your Grampa have been working on all weekend. your dad is quite the fix-it man!

i am going to go clean up the mess now and then we will be ready when you are. we love you little one and look forward to holding you in our arms. you are worth the wait.

love always,
your mama

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