Friday, January 14, 2011

Good-Bye 2010

After two weeks of 2011 I am finally ready to recap 2010 and move on... my top 10 of 2010 are as follows:

  1. Birth- Welcomed Rowen Dean to the world, home birth style.
  2. Two Year Old Lil- Potty, Panties, Toddler Bed & Tutu's
  3. No Car- After selling my car in April I would equate the stroller to my current car situation
  4. Turned 26
  5. Vashon Vacay- quality time with my parents & sleeping to the sound of the sea (minus the 120 stairs down to our beach house it was picturesque)
  6. AZ Thanksgiving- flew by myself with two kids (but first class so I'm not complaining)
  7. 5th married Christmas & quite possibly our favorite
  8. Moran State Park Camping trip- Rowen's first (where Lil had her first too)
  9. Home- stability, ownership, projects, neighbors, friends, food (Take 5 & Barking Dog), coffee (Honore & Herkimer)
  10. Family of FOUR (JKL&R)


  1. It was a pretty fabulous year for you guys! And it's the year we really established our friendship...I'm kind of surprised that didn't make your top 10 ;)

  2. you are definitely a top 10 of 2010... hopefully next year one of our art projects will make the list :)